Integrated Concealed Carry Weapons (ICCW)

SAPTK Combatives - Self-Defense - Martial Arts

For those with a permit to carry a concealed handgun, this course will give you complete confidence in your ability to carry, draw, and employ all of your personal protection tools that you carry or have access to on a daily basis. You will learn tactics and techniques to dynamically react or preemptively strike threats at contact distance with your empty-hands, then move, draw, and employ your handgun, tactical or folding knife, flashlight, and any other expedient and improvised weapon. Your personal protection system is completed with life-savings skills in handgun disarming, handgun retention, and close-quarters striking with the handgun.


You only need one system for striking and attacking with all weapons, not individual systems for each weapon. The manipulation, targeting and tactics are the same. Illuminate, strike, shoot, move, and communicate with ANY weapon. ICCW is the only system in existence today that fully integrates all individual concealed carry weaponry, Empty-Hands Striking, and Firearms employment through the application of the same tactics and techniques - the system of the tactical knife. The tactical knife system directly transfers in application to empty-hands, firearms, tactical flashlight, and other Improvised or expedient weapons that will provide you skills to:
1. Protect yourself from all strikes and attacks
2. Attack and Neutralize the weapon(s) of the threat/adversary.
3. Dominate and Survive any Self-Defense engagement.

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