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The Ringside focus punch mitts pictured above are heavy duty, formed to fit the curvature of your hand, and can take a beating.  These are great mitts if you want to practice precise, focused, and powerful attacks.

The Boker A-F Rubber Training Knife is a highly valuable instructional aid. The rubber is strong enough to hold its shape during most training exercises, but pliable and soft enough to bend when pressed. This means that it can be used to simulate knife attacks without risk of injury to either party.  This product ships as a pack of 2 training knives. Each knife is 11-⅜ in. long with a 6-½ in. blade.  I have used this brand and model of rubber training knife for over ten years.  I have the same pair that I first purchased for training and I am sure I will be able to continue to use them for years to come.  These rubber training knives are perfect for knife sparring, practice attacks and training, close quarters knife combat training, self defense knife training, and really any martial arts training requiring training knives.

 If you are looking for a lighter weight kicking, striking, and hitting shield than the Thai pads, then these are your choice.  They don't offer as much protection for the holder as the heavier Thai pads do, but they are definitely lighter in weight and the holders arms won't tire as quickly.

Lightweight Zip Hoodie. Click on picture to purchase.

Great personal protection tool. Bright 345 lumens LED flashlight featuring Cree XP-G2 R5 LED.
Focused beam reaches 166 yards
Three brightness adjustments plus strobe and SoS for all your usage scenarios. Also include a Lumen Tactical Premium top cover double loop holster

Classic Zip Hoodie. Click on picture to purchase.

I highly recommend these items for training. Everything on this page I use and have purchased for the studio.

Other designs. Click on the picture to purchase. All clothing designs and logos are copyright San Antonio Pekiti-Tirsia Kali.

Basic Kali Combatives T-Shirt. Click on picture to purchase.

What Do You Need to Get Started?

"There are tons of good options out there, but the one thing I do like about these is that the thumb is well protected in that it has a separate piece that moves leaving the outer guard in place, which is reinforced, to take the impact.  In other words, it is much harder to get smacked on the end of your thumb than it is with other types of gloves." - Jason Winchester, SAPTK/PTK-SMF San Antonio.

The Thai pads are durable, tough, well-stitched and great for working close quarter attacks and strikes such as multiple elbows, knee attacks, and various kinds of kicking attacks.  You can kick, elbow, and hit these hard without injury to the holder.  They offer a great deal of padding for protection.