PTK-CQC/Personal Protection System is the only combatives system in existence today that fully integrates individual combat weaponry (Bolo, Knife, Bayonet), Empty-Hands Combat, and Firearms (Rifle and Pistol) employment through the application of the same tactical techniques - the system of the Edged Weapon.

These programs include qualification in the Military Close-Quarters Combat/CQC LEVEL-1 System for Combat Arms and Special Operations Forces, and gives both the new and experienced student the essential foundation skills for safe training, effective skill development, and the lifelong practice of the Authentic Pekiti-Tirsia Kali System.  At the completion of this course you will have gained full confidence in your ability to protect yourself, and validated your effective skills with three (3) principle weapon systems, the Sword/Long Impact weapon, the Knife/Short Impact weapon, and the Hand Blade/Empty-Hands system, with the true ability to pick up any common item, tool, or object and use as an effective improvised weapon for personal protection of yourself, your family, and others. Weapons are the equalizer, and give you the advantage over adversaries with greater size, strength or numbers.

You will also develop tactics and techniques to dynamically react to or preemptively strike threats at contact distance with your Empty Hands, then move, draw and employ your personal protection weapons that you are carrying at that particular time. This system is completed with life-savings skills in Handgun and Rifle Disarming, followed with Advanced Skills of Handgun Retention and Close Quarters Striking with the Handgun.

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Military PTK-CQC / Personal Protection System

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